"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

The Branches: Youth Group

The Branches: Youth Ministry: Our mission statement, incorporating ideas written by the youth is: St. Helen’s Anglican Youth Ministry, “The Branches”, intentionally develops friendships and character, and grows in the Spirit within a safe environment while having fun and reaching out to the community.

This article is for all parishioners, not just those involved in youth ministry! Please read! The Youth Ministry at St Helens is in a bit of a transition right now. Exam time and successive snow storm weekends contributed to very low attendance in January and early February, so the leadership team decided to do some brainstorming with Branches members to help determine whether other factors were at play. It seemed to us afterward that some restructuring of how we meet their needs and encourage faith in an increasingly complex world was in order. So we are pursuing options for better meeting them where they are and where their needs are.  We have come to care deeply for each of them and know we cannot do that without being prepared to think and act outside the proverbial box.  This is a parish ministry, not just ours – pray for us!We are happy to report that the Paint Workshop was a great success.  Not only did we make over $1000, and thus are able to ask the parish for less than we had anticipated requesting for the Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Youth (CLAY) conference in Calgary this summer (and we may be able to reduce the amount further if we can get a good deal on airfare), but we all had lots of inter-generational fun.

For further information about any aspect of the Branches Youth Group speak to any of the leaders:  Olivia Pelling, Ron Harder, Carol Danson and Berthorie Beauvoir.

The Branches leadership team is always open for new leaders, if you feel that is your calling.  Speak to Olivia Pelling or the clergy for more information.

Thank you to our youth and to their leaders for their ministry in our parish.

All youth of the parish (12-18) are welcome.  For more details contact the Church office or any member of the leadership team: Olivia Pelling; Ron Harder; Carol Danson; Berthorie Beauvoir.