Truth and Reconciliation

At the Diocese of Ottawa’s Synod of 2019, The All My Relations Circle gifted every congregation and community ministry with a white ceramic feather.  Originally crafted in 2017 for an outdoor public art installation at the Canadian Museum of Nature named “Populace”, marking Canada’s 150th, the feathers were chosen with the local Algonquin community as a representation of their presence on this land in the time of confederation. In the installation a rose represented the English people and a fleur de lys represented the French. 

The hope behind the gift is that the feather, significant in most Indigenous tradition, will symbolize a commitment to building relationships with Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis and Inuit), in a new way and the church’s journey towards truth, justice and reconciliation.  You can find this ceramic feather displayed next to our church office, beside the Prayer Net.

St. Helen’s marks Orange Shirt Day and the National Indigenous Day of Prayer. We also seek opportunities to learn more about the role of the church in colonization and ways to move forward with justice and respect.