"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

The Shape of Parish Ministry Consultation (SPMC)

The Shape of Parish Ministry Consultation (SPMC) is a Diocesan-wide consultation in 3 stages (April 2021-October 2022) exploring the shape of parish ministry now and in the future.  Check the Diocesan website at ottawa.anglican.ca.

The St. Helen’s SPMC ‘team’ includes Jeff McRae, Peter Humphries, Felicia Kwamena, Kathy Pearce, Peter+ and Susan+.  We invite you to reflect and to respond to the questions below and, thus, participate in this initiative.  If you wish to only respond to some of the questions, that is fine.  Feel free to share the questions with family members and others (observing social distancing) and to incorporate their opinions.  We also realize that our parish ‘vision’ may look very different post-pandemic than it did before the pandemic.

Please send your responses by e-mail to st.helen@on.aibn.com by June 30, 2021.  Your input will be consolidated into a reference document (your name will not appear) to be used at a later stage of the consultation.  Also, if you would like to take part in Zoom discussions about this material, please let us know.

Questions to consider, as prepared by the Diocesan team:

  1. What is the single most important thing you would like our diocese to know about your parish / congregation?
  2. What are your ministry priorities, and how are these priorities lived out in your decisions, activities and use of your resources?
  3. In what way does your parish / congregation serve the wider community; how are you engaged with the local community beyond your walls – outreach, events, partnerships?
  4. What are the challenges to accomplishing the work you’ve described, in terms of finances, building status and human resources?

Are there ministry opportunities you are aware of, and what would you need to engage in them?