The Quiet Garden – Summer Devotional 2019

Sunrise, at this time of year, is at about 4:45 AM.  On a fair morning, hints of the glory to come begin much earlier, as a soft blush, sometimes intensifying as brilliant brushstrokes across the sky. 

There is musical accompaniment to the daybreak miracle, as well, as the dawn chorus begins.  Oh, some say the birds are simply defending their territory or are advertising on a dating site, but we know the truth.  They are singing praise to the Creator!

“All nature sings, and round me rings, the music of the spheres.”

Later in the day, in the Quiet Garden, the regular congregation of robins, some of them still in their mottled baby clothes, look for tasty snacks.  Other birds flitter in the spruce tree or the maples nearby.  The flowers bloom with ever changing loveliness, as nurtured by the Holy One and our own Quiet Gardeners!  It is summertime. 

For some people, summer speaks of activities not available to us during winter’s grasp…gardening, camping and cottage life, city festivals, dining ‘alfresco’, and time spent, often outdoors, with family and friends.  It is a different kind of ‘busy’ than the rest of the year.  For others, the season calls them to reflective time, to self-care and slowing down and embracing the opportunity to listen…to the birds, to their hearts, to God.  A time of re-creation!

Whatever the ‘lazy, hazy days of summer’ look like for you, take a few minutes to enjoy the Quiet Garden.  As you might walk a labyrinth, walk the ichthys path(patterned after the “Jesus Fish”). Open all of your senses to the beauty there offered, and pause to give praise to the One who walks with us on the Way.