St. Mary the Virgin, Blackburn

St. Mary the Virgin, Feast of the Epiphany 2022

Built in 1879, this beautiful church has been a house of prayer for generations, witnessing the transformation of the surrounding community. Over the years, parishioners have gathered in this intimate space as well as in neighbourhood schools and other churches. They have prayed and cared for their community, growing and shrinking in number but unwavering in faith.

In November of 2022, the parishes of St. Mary the Virgin, Blackburn and St. Helen’s, Orleans voted to amalgamate, joining resources to minister to the whole of the community and worshipping together at St. Helen’s on Sunday mornings. The church building on Navan Road is no longer used for regular Sunday worship but it continues to be a beloved and holy place for special services and ministry to the community.

St. Mary the Virgin Church also continues to serve as the chapel for St. Mary the Virgin Cemetery, which has an important and ongoing ministry of service to bereaved families and to the wider community.