The Evolution of our Quiet Garden

The Ven. Susan Churchill-Lackey with
The Rev. Canon Peter Lackey

St. Helen’s Expansion Project, ‘Growing into God’s Future’, included the desire for a designated space on the property as a ‘Quiet Garden,’ envisaged as a place of peace, beauty and sanctuary. Inspired by ideas from a focus group, a student from Algonquin College proposed a preliminary design. Major Landscaping in Orleans was contracted to undertake the infrastructure work required.  The result is a pave-stone path in the shape of the iconic Christian symbol of a fish, the ichthys. Beds of colourful perennials and shrubs are planted and tended by parishioners throughout the growing season. Memorial stones, given in memory of loved ones, trace the edges of the path. (See “Thanks for the Memories”.) Benches offer a place to rest and “Be still and know that I am God.” The formal Blessing of the Quiet Garden took place in June 2018 with subsequent blessings of additional memorial stones offered as needed.

Memorial Stones

Historically, people have made charitable donations to the church in honour of a departed loved one.  Is there someone you want to remember with a memorial in our Quiet Garden?  Your prayerful contribution to this program will enhance our church grounds, as well as perpetuate your memories. Your memorial contribution can be made in one of two ways: a financial gift to support the maintenance of the garden and/or a memorial stone to a prescribed design.

Download the “Thanks for the Memories” Donation Form

Quiet Garden Memorials