St. Helen’s Quiet Garden Devotional – Spring 2021

Can we bid ‘goodbye and good riddance’ to Winter 2021?  It seems like an early Spring but the Quiet Garden is alive with new growth reaching upwards to the sun and the first bright flowers nestle like jewels upon the soil. The ichthus path is clear and the benches invite passersby to pause, to offer a prayer, to embrace a moment of simply resting in the Spirit.

Christ is Risen, Alleluia! 

Liturgically the Easter season continues for 50 days, through to Pentecost (this year on May 23rd) but Resurrection is something we, as Christians, are challenged to live every day.  Our Easter proclamation does not deny the harsh realities of our personal circumstances or of the world, even as the pandemic continue to rage, in spite of vaccinations, and we face an uncertain future. Whatever is happening in our lives, ‘Alleluia’ can remain in our hearts and our attitudes, if not always on our lips.

As we preached at St. Helen’s on Easter Day, we can allow the mystery of the Resurrection to transform us: when we open our eyes to the presence and power of God, when we open our ears to hear God call us by name, when we open our hands, and offer ourselves in ministry in Christ’s service. The tomb is empty but the life of faith is full.  Thanks be to God!