"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

St. Helen’s Quiet Garden

Early Autumn Devotional 2020

And so, as we bid goodbye to the riotous summer pigments, we welcome instead the gold, red and copper hues of the autumn palette. The ‘Fall Colours’ we call them. Sunset comes early, dawn sleeps later. Canadian geese have long been honking their way south and squirrels have almost completed their frenzied harvest of pine nuts and acorns and other tidbits to tide them through the months to come.  Sweaters, stored during the hazy, lazy days, emerge to enwrap bodies not yet prepared for winter’s chill.  Work, school, activities and in-person church services have all resumed, but everything is different and there is a veneer of cautiousness over all. And everything is ‘subject to change’. 

We wish that COVID 19 would have passed by now, but it has not and a second wave, or perhaps it is simply the continuing storm, still restricts our movements and creates extraordinary unease.

A brisk walk in the neighbourhood might bring you to the ichthys path in the Quiet Garden.  Hardy plants are still providing colour and texture. The benches beckon for a moment of your time.  Come, sit a while. For many people, the pandemic has magnified feelings of isolation and anxiety.  The restrictions and protocols, the unsettledness and constant stress have had a deep impact on many souls and the sense of being ‘lost’ in a sea of unpredictability is great.

Come, sit a while and you will be ‘found’ by the Holy One. Take a deep breath and let the peace of God, which passes all understanding, rest gently upon you.