Quiet Garden Winter 2020 Devotional

Although the days are getting longer, the whisper of Spring is as yet very, very soft! As Canadians, we take some pride in our hardiness and our ability to face the extremes nature throws at us or, alternatively, many acknowledge defeat and gracefully exit to warmer climes!  

We are in the grip of winter with all that entails, as weather reports inform our activities and snow removal and sanding parking lots and walkways becomes an unending task. Except for hardy winter sports enthusiasts, many of us choose to spend leisure time in semi-hibernation, with a good book perhaps. 

Even in these months, however, the Quiet Garden presents a perpetually changing panorama.   A fresh snowfall garbs the evergreens in veils of pristine white. Birds and squirrels search out tidbits among autumn’s plant refuse. The ichthys path still reveals the occasional footprints to show that someone walked the Way and sometimes the tracks of a toboggan can be seen as it was dragged near by with the promise of winter fun.

And then the sun shines and all becomes a glittery wonderland. ‘Apricity’ is an old word that means ‘the warmth of the sun in winter’.  It may bring to mind a fleeting experience, as when standing in a sheltered spot before a cold wind brings on shivers.  It may be the sunshine streaming through a window that pets and people alike seek for its cozy comfort.  Reflect theologically for a moment and think about how the warmth of the Son’s love for us can bring comfort and hope even as we struggle with the ‘cold’ days and storms of life.

“All beautiful the march of days as seasons come and go; the hand that shaped the rose hath wrought the crystal of the snow, hath sent the hoary frost of heaven, the flowing waters sealed, and laid a silent loveliness on hill and wood and field.”  #427 Common Praise 

And last week, the seed catalogues arrived!