Parish Council 2022-2023


Incumbent: Archdeacon Rhonda Waters

Members of Parish Council (Elected)

Rector’s Warden:Peter Humphries
People’s Warden:Jeff McRae
Lay Members of Synod:Peter Humphries
 Kathy Pearce
Alternate Lay Member of Synod:Audrey Lawrence

Member of Parish Council (Affirmed)

Lay Member of Synod (2nd year)Felicia Kwamena

Members of Parish Council (Appointed)

 Worship:Postponed (Incumbent)
 Discipleship:Jeff McRae
 Stewardship:Colin Taylor
 Outreach:Carol Danson
 Sharon Tremaine
Community:Lorna Ponting
Treasurer:Kim Jones
 Vestry Clerk:Christopher Porter

Other Parish Ministries

The following individuals are in positions of leadership or coordination within the parish, but are not members of Parish Council

Altar Guild:Debbie Tweedle
Web Site:Ian Kelly
Administrative AssistantTerry Leversedge
A/V Technology:Derek Reid
Pastoral Care and Prayer Chain Co-ordinator:Maggie Lorimer
Choir Director:Emily Adams
Contemporary Music Director:Derek Reid
Children’s Ministry:Eileen Leversedge
Youth Ministry (The Branches):Berthorie Beauvoir
Eric Jones
Kathy Pearce (mentor)
Quiet Garden Coordinator:John Leech
Brian GlennArt Fair Coordinator