Other Ministry Information

Hope for the Future Ministries

Please pray for Sharmala Buell and her ministry teams in Tanzania and here in Canada. Their mission is to provide children under 18 years of age with hope and the tools for a productive future as well as Christian teaching. The ministry is comprised of three programmes:

Remand Home Visitation: The Remand home is a place where children accused of crimes are held while they await trial. Visitations include arranging medical care, sanitation, clothing, recreation, informal education and Bible teaching.

The Inner City Programme: (ICP) During twice weekly visits in their area, inner city children are given lunch, play games, read books and play soccer, taught songs and told Bible stories. If they are sick or have wounds, they are given medical attention.

The Residential Programme: This is a home for boys between 2 and 18. They come from the ICP and from the Remand Home, once released. The Residential programme supplies food, clothing, medical care, pays for them to attend school and provides a stable nurturing “home” environment. Contact: Ron Harder. Please see hopeforthefuturetanzania.com