Palm and Passion Sunday, March 25 2018

Crowds of people, pressed elbow to elbow in the stifling heat. Tired old men and women, cranky babes in arms, stressed parents, nonchalant teens.  High fashion, threadbare jeans, skimpy outfits designed to be alluring and, one supposes, cool, all in evidence.  Locals, tourists, the curious, the bored, all jostling for position. A kaleidoscope of ages, races and languages.  Security, watching, guiding the crowd back from the road.  Noise, excitement, a little uncertainty. A parade? No, an event! Never seen before on these city streets.

“Here they come!” the cry is heard.  The ‘vertically challenged’ stand on tiptoe, children are lifted onto broad shoulders, heads crane from side to side trying to get a good view. Cell phones and cameras Snap… Snap… Snap.

People wave and shout, “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”  Then, quickly, the happy chorus of accolades and welcome turns to shrieking jeers of “crucify”.

Same crowd.   Where are you?

Meditation: Into Jerusalem Jesus rode, triumphant king acclaimed;
palm branches spread to honor his way, garments laid down as tokens of praise;
shouts of “Hosanna” surged through the throng, into Jerusalem.

Within Jerusalem Jesus stood, masquerade king reviled;
thorns made a crown (grim satire of truth), robe like a wound thrown over his back;
echoes of “Crucify” filled the air, within Jerusalem.

Outside Jerusalem Jesus hung, crucified King despised;
wood formed a cross suspending his life; soldiers cast lots to deal out his clothes;
his lonely cries: “My God”;  “It is done,”,  outside Jerusalem.

Into Jerusalem Jesus Rode   Carl P. Daw
#183 Common Praise

Photo: La Machine, Ottawa  July 2017 Long-Ma, the Dragon-Horse, who keeps watch over humanity, battles Kumo, the giant spider and sinister force of the cosmos. Long-Ma is victorious!