Sunday, March 22, 2020

“Heart and Soul”

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, May Magdalene came to the tomb…”John 20:1

Mary was out before dawn, treading softly along the deserted city streets, heart pounding with anxiety, fearful that she might be seen. Coming to the tomb, she discovered that the great grey stone had been moved away from the entrance. This could not be happening, his enemies were not content to kill his body; they now had desecrated his grave.

She fled and ran to tell the disciples that Jesus’ body had been removed.  They hurried to the place and found that it was so and then they returned to their homes. 

But Mary stayed, inconsolable, in despair, weeping in the garden. Initially, when she saw Jesus, she thought he was the gardener. Why?  Not just because of the half-light of early morning or her tear-filled eyes; she expected only a corpse not a living Lord. And it took time for the truth to dawn upon her; for the light of Easter to come over the horizon of Mary’s heart and soul.

There is no doubt that we are being challenged, both on the personal and global scale, with this COVID 19 pandemic.  And the extent of its impact is still ahead.  But we are an Easter people and we know that we will get through this and may even be stronger for it. The Son will rise.

In the meantime, stay home, stay strong and pray for all those who are severely tested, fearful or ill.  May God’s healing, comforting touch be upon us all. Amen.