“Seeds of Grace” Love Language

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Gary Chapman, in his book The 5 Love Languages, describes different ways we can show love. These are the love languages he defines: physical affection, quality time, acts of ‘doing’ or service, giving gifts and words of affirmation and love.   So, in this imaginary scenario, consider a husband who excels at taking out the garbage, keeps the vehicles in good shape and makes a superb waffle breakfast every Saturday. He is showing his love to his wife by ‘doing’.  His wife just wants to hear him say how much she means to him.  She tells him how wonderful he is.  Or this one: a mother makes sure her daughter gets to every hockey practice and cheers every game…her daughter is grateful, but would just like a hug, sometimes.  The possibility of a disconnect, or indeed for a renewal of a relationship, lies in understanding one another’s love languages.

So how do you express your love to God? How does God show love to you? Think about it.

For Further Reflection:  Matthew 14:14-21 Five loaves and two fish. (See also Mark 6: 30f, Luke 9:10f, John 6:1f)

Aside: Wild Rice Main

Chopped onion, carrot and celery(if it isn’t too expensive). Options: other vegetables such as shredded zucchini, green peas, shred spinach, diced cooked squash…add towards end of cooking; 4 cups chicken broth(or water or vegetable broth to keep it vegan); olive oil; 1 cup wild rice(or less), 1 cup long grain rice, ½ cup dried cranberries(and/or try dried apricots in a small dice), chopped toasted pecans or other nuts; parsley, salt and pepper. Saut vegetables in oil; add broth or water and wild rice; cook about 10 minutes; add long grain rice and cook for 20 minutes or so.  Add cranberries, and nuts, some parsley, salt and pepper.  To add more protein: chopped cooked chicken, cooked beans or tofu, if that’s your thing!

(One of my love languages is cooking!)