"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

Worship Schedule

Sunday, June 3
2nd after Pentecost – Healing Service
8, 9:15, & 11 Holy Eucharist. Church School at 9:15, “The Branches” Youth at 10:45

Sunday, June 10
3rd after Pentecost
8, 9:15, &11 Holy Eucharist.  Church School at 9:15, “The Branches” Youth at 10:45

Sunday, June 17
4th after Pentecost
8 & 10
Beginning of Summer Service Times Holy Eucharist.Extended Coffee Hour following the 10 AM; Marking National Indigenous People’s Day.
An opportunity to experience ‘Smudging’  Many cultures worldwide and through the centuries have used sacred smoke (such as incense in churches) as part of their religious or spiritual practices.  In North America, many Indigenous Peoples have a special protocol commonly called “Smudging” where various traditional herbs are burned in a shell and the smoke is waved over a person as a cleansing act to clean their mind to think “in a good way”.  While the process for this “smudging” varies by communities; in Canada; it is usually the burning of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and tobacco combinations. As noted by our Primate Fred Hiltz, “it is a ritual of purification of body, mind, and spirt in the service of the creator.”  On June 17th we will be doing a Smudging at St. Helen’s  from 9:30 AM and ending before the 10 AM service starts. All those who wish to smudge are welcome to do so.   If you have never been “smudged”, this is a good opportunity!  Informative handout available at the church.

Sunday, June 24
John the Baptist
8 &10 Holy Eucharist. Dedication of the Quiet Garden at the close of the 10 AM service. Parish Pot Luck Lunch to follow