"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

Ongoing Initiatives

St. Helen’s Strategic Plan is a living document which informs and frames our different ministries and ensures that our ‘pillars’ continue to evolve, change, and grow from year to year. On Wednesday, October 17, at 1 PM the chairs of Outreach will meet with the clergy in the Grace Room. Embracing a spirit of exploration, we will review present Outreach activities and funded projects and seek to determine possible endeavours for the future. If you would like to provide input to this conversation, please let us know or send an e-mail to the church. All of us have our ‘favourite charities’ and each one of us makes choices (often on a weekly basis) where our charitable donations will go. It is to be hoped that these donations are in addition to supporting the church appropriately so that our parish mission and witness is not handcuffed due to lack of support.

Did you know that, in addition to our monthly collections benefitting the food bank, our Diocesan Ministries and a variety of other agencies, we are engaged in other local, national and international ministries and aid groups, through monetary gifts from our budget as well as volunteer hours? Members of our parish volunteer in a variety of settings, and parish groups, such as the Craft Group and “The Branches”, assist missions of their choice. We also continue to support, through our budget the five major Diocesan Community Ministries (Centre 454, The Well/La Source, Cornerstone/Le Pilier, the Ottawa Pastoral Centre and St. Luke’s Table). Our “Blue Door” project this past spring raised money for the new Cornerstone residence on Princeton St., as a response to the critical need for affordable housing in Ottawa, especially for the vulnerable and marginalized. These ministries, as well as the National Church and PWRDF, are also funded through our Diocesan Fair Share commitment. Today 4 Tomorrow, the Diocesan annual appeal also supports Community Ministries as well as providing funding for expanding mission work, Youth opportunities, including YIP, Youth Internship Programme, Ministry among First Peoples and other activities within the Diocese. See https://today4tomorrow.ca/

November/December Outreach Collection

Christmas Outreach Gifts: St. Helen’s November and December Outreach focuses on the Christmas parties hosted by the Diocesan Community Ministries of The Well (December 17th), Centre 454 (date TBD) and St. Luke’s Table (date TBD). This year we encourage you to donate $10. gift cards (i.e. McDonald’s, Subway, Tim Horton’s, Metro, Shopper’s, etc.) by request of the agencies or use the checklist which will be provided later this month by Centre 454.   Please do not wrap gifts.   Food:  Centre 454 Christmas party:  Stay tuned for more information!
Note: December 9 is the due date for gift cards and gifts to be brought to St. Helen’s

St. Helen’s Church School Christmas Outreach

The church school is planning to prepare small candy bags (primarily for adult women) for each place setting at The Well’s Christmas party.  Your donation of candy canes and other seasonal candy is welcome.

No Clothing

We are not able to accept used clothing at this time.  Please take clothing and other donations to the Salvation Army, for their Thrift Store, or Bibles for Missions.

The Well

“Muffins Made with Love” for The Well’s Breakfast Programme. Please bring your muffins to the church on Sundays and place them in the freezer. Thanks to Arch Campbell for his ongoing delivery ministry.

Worthy Causes

We regularly receive requests from different Diocesan, community groups and individuals, requesting financial support for both Outreach and programming ministries.   Many are worthy projects but we cannot support them all so please be understanding if your particular interest does not receive funding from St. Helen’s.

Do you have any suggestions for Outreach?

Talk with Carol Danson or Sharon Tremaine, Chairs of Outreach.