"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

Ongoing Initiatives

Outreach Gifts

Outreach collection will resume in the autumn.

No Clothing

We are not able to accept used clothing at this time.  Please take clothing and other donations to the Salvation Army, for their Thrift Store, or Bibles for Missions.

Refugee Support

Egide and Evelyn, now have a GoFundMe page as they collect donations toward bringing her family of 10 to Canada. Google ‘gofundme.com/refugee-sponsorship’ to learn more about her family and to donate directly.

While we made the decision last fall that St. Helen’s was not yet ready to take on the considerable responsibilities of sponsorship, a number of people expressed willingness to assist this family.  Please note that, unfortunately, the church cannot provide a charitable receipt for these gifts.

The Well

“Muffins Made with Love” for The Well’s Breakfast Programme. Please bring your muffins to the church on Sundays and place them in the freezer. Women’s Challenge “Poise” products. Collections will resume in the New Year.


(Primates’ World Relief and Development Fund) see pwrdf.org for disaster response information and ‘World of Gifts’ for Christmas Gift ideas

Hope for the Future

Please speak to Ron Harder to offer financial support for the education ministry, Hope for the Future.  See poster on the bulletin board for more information.

Worthy Causes

We regularly receive requests from different Diocesan, community groups and individuals, requesting financial support for both Outreach and programming ministries.   Many are worthy projects but we cannot support them all so please be understanding if your particular interest does not receive funding from St. Helen’s.

Do you have any suggestions for Outreach?

Talk with Carol Danson or Sharon Tremaine, Chairs of Outreach.