"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

Ongoing Initiatives


Please do not bring old clothes to the church anymore; take them directly to the Salvation Army or other agencies.

St. Helen’s Refugee Sponsorship Ministry Financial Survey

Thank you to all those who are responding to the survey.  Members of the Refugee Sponsorship Working Group:

Cecelia Taylor taylorcecelia@hotmail.com
Catherine Cromey catherine.cromey@gmail.com
Kim Jones dkjonesfamily@gmail.com

Shepherds of Good Hope

I would like to thank the energetic & enthusiastic volunteers, who came out in April & May to peel/cut vegetables, make sandwiches & salads, butter soup buns, sort groceries, wash dishes & serve lunch to over 200 hungry downtown community members. Several of the volunteers engaged in conversation with the “clients” during the lunchtime, actively listening to their stories. Most are marginal & invisible members of our society, but by interacting with them, volunteers acknowledged their issues & more importantly their existence. And these clients are appreciative of these genuine acts of kindness. The Diocese & St Helen’s, is raising awareness regarding the local homelessness. St. Helen’s Shepherds of Good Hope volunteers are able to put a face on that homelessness whilst demonstrating compassion and courage. To volunteer for next time contact Valerie Hughes Villemaire, valandre0976@gmail.com

Ongoing Ministries

“Muffins Made with Love”; the Women’s Challenge: Feminine hygiene supplies and Adult Poise and Depends products;  Clean, gently-used, seasonally appropriate, clothing for men, women and children.  Coffee cups previously collected are being delivered to St. Luke’s Table.

Do you have any suggestions for Outreach?

Talk with Carol Danson or Sharon Tremaine, Chairs of Outreach.