"I am the vine; you are the branches." — John 15:5

Community Notes

2018 Bazaar November 10th

We are a truly blessed community, with a variety and abundance of talents. Many of these talents were displayed at our 2017 Bazaar. We would like to invite all who can offer feedback on any aspect of the Bazaar to come out to an early planning meeting for 2018. We will talk about what went well, what should change, and what new possibilities we could explore for next year. One suggestion is that we make and presell frozen meat and other pies. Another is to have a Men’s Table. We would love to have your input. Meeting: Sunday, February 4th at 1:30 pm in Trinity Hall. Helen Giroux and Sandra Clark (Bazaar Coordinators)

The Quiet Garden – Calling All “Greenthumbs”! 

With the infrastructure of our garden scheduled to be completed in May, we are now turning our attention to the initial planting of the flower beds during the month of June.  So if your thumbs are green, if you love the planting, weeding, caring or just puttering about in a beautiful new aspect of our church grounds, let us know. We are beginning to plan what to plant and where; if you have any ideas and would like some input please contact Helen Giroux or Jo-Ann Rasmussen (directly or via the church office). A sign-up sheet will also be available in the foyer. AND, we will be asking for donations of plants for the garden in the near future. We won’t be able to accept all donations, but if you are dividing or transplanting; or if you would like to offer plant(s) for the garden, watch for a list of our needs, which will be promulgated in May. John Leech: Project Manager

St. Helen’s Pastoral Care Team Mission Statement

The Pastoral Care Team, including clergy and laity, offer comfort, compassion and companionship to all parishioners and their families. The mission is carried out through Healing Ministry, Prayer Chain, Visits (hospital, home, residences/homes), Greeting Cards, Crisis Meals, Seniors’ Lunches, Quiet Christmas & Newcomers’ Welcome and in our presence at Sunday gatherings and parish events

Today 4 Tomorrow – The Diocese of Ottawa’s Annual Appeal

Today 4 Tomorrow is a diocese-wide and community appeal that offers the opportunity for all of us to support ministries and initiatives that will give hope a way forward. In 2017, the goal of Today 4 Tomorrow is to raise $560,000 to support two key priorities – Engaging the World and Lifelong Formation – and seven mission and ministry initiatives emerging from Embracing God’s Future – our diocesan roadmap. More specifically, these include refugee ministry, the Parish Ministries Institute (with Peter+ as Director), the mission engagement internship program, funding curacies, community ministries, community engagement beyond the urban core, and a child, youth, adult learning facilitator.
Please see: www.today4tomorrow.ca

Comfort Quilts

We care about you! Beautiful ‘comfort quilts’ made by the Sewing/Quilting group, are available for anyone suffering illness or recovering from surgery, etc. Please contact Judy Lutes and/or the clergy. Contact Maggie Lorimer, Pastoral Care Team Co-ordinator, for Prayer Chain requests.

Prayer Chain Ministry

For all Prayer Requests, contact Maggie Lorimer, Pastoral Care Team Co-ordinator. Please submit the names of those in need of God’s healing touch or loving care. Prayers may be offered for all kinds of reasons…for healing in body, mind and spirit…for comfort for those nearing death and for all who grieve…for peace and God’s presence through medical tests and treatments…for world, community, parish life and family concerns… for personal needs i.e. job hunting, relationships, parenting…key life changes such as the birth of a child, retirement, marriage etc…let your Christian family walk with you on the Way! Reminder: Healing Ministry is offered at each service on the first Sunday of the month.

Are You New to St. Helen’s Christian Family?

We welcome you into St. Helen’s Christian Family! We would like to know how we can best support you in your faith journey and life situation…what are you looking for, what are your needs, how might you be involved? Call Susan+ or Peter+ to chat or arrange a home visit.  

We would also be happy to add you to our database, which assists us in communications and facilitates our management of your financial gift and records. Please email us indicating St. Helen’s New Members Record in the subject line, and indicating your Family Name(s), Family Members, Mailing Address, E-Mail, Telephone Number and any Comment.

Anglican Journal & Crosstalk

We are revising the subscription list for The Anglican Journal/Crosstalk monthly paper.  If you are new to the parish and would like to receive this publication, or if you no longer wish to have it mailed to you, please call or e-mail the church office with your request.